Custom Orthotics

The feet and ankles are the first structures to absorb impact when we walk or run. They are very stable structures in general, though because of the immense forces they endure they are also prone to becoming strained and imbalanced over time. Imbalances in the feet can cause excess strain to the weight-bearing joints further up the body, such as the knees or hips. The opposite can also occur; imbalances in the pelvis or other areas of the body structure can change the positioning of the feet, thus changing the way they absorb force.

Regardless of the cause, our feet can benefit from additional support. This is where a custom orthotic can be very beneficial. A majority of foot dysfunction involves overpronation, or an excessive “rolling in” of the foot to the inside due to weak arch support. An orthotic customized for this situation would provide more support for the inside arch, preventing the foot from pronating and thus keeping force transmission even throughout the foot. Other conditions can be similarly addressed with extra support in the proper places.

Dr. Barbara Brown uses a wonderful product by The Orthotic Group that is inexpensive but does not compromise on quality. Following an assessment in which she will analyse your gait (the way you walk) and any contributing imbalances in the feet or other areas, Dr. Brown can fit you in her office using a molding foam cast. We send this cast directly to the Orthotic Group lab, and usually receive the set of orthotics back within two weeks. The choices of orthotics are extensive, some specific for running or other sports, while others are for every day use and can be transferred from one shoe to the next. The Orthotic Group also carries a good line of orthotic shoes including stylish mules and sandals.

More information can be found at or by calling Dr. Brown at (416) 762-4083

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